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After some fast digging for Peak accessories, I realized that Puffco intends for the Peak to be a platform–meaning that other producers and glass artists can innovate their own attachments. The Puffco Peak is a part of a new class of extract vaporizers known as—for now—handheld dab rigs. They are like e-nails but are extra handy and simpler to make use of, plus, as instructed by the name, you can hold them in one hand when you vape. So, they provide the vaping depth of e-nails combined with the benefit of use of vape pens, though they clearly don’t provide the portability of the latter. The Peaks shareability units this expertise apart from utilizing a typical dab setup.
The gadget sports an extended battery life and small size, allowing it to be simply transported and used for extended durations of time. Not only does the Peak supply portability and longevity, it also sports an intuitive ceramic nail that gives the optimal dabbing surface. The Peak’s ceramic heating factor is the fruits of Puffco’s efforts with the remainder of the company’s lineup of units. Each gadget and atomizer main up the Peak served as a stepping-stone to this ceramic nail. While portable e-rigs and vape pens are handy, it’s onerous to surrender your dab rig for an electronic gadget.
Personally, I don’t think any concentrate pens work that well should you’re looking to replicate the expertise of a dab. The secret at hand-held concentrate vaporizers is the dimensions of the battery. The battery of a vape pen is simply not strong sufficient to effectively vaporize thicker supplies from my experience. It wasn’t way back that dabbing conjured visions of intense consumption and high THC levels. Fast forward to e-rigs, transportable vaporizers and strides in testing and high quality of concentrates, all serving to propel this as soon as “sketchy” corner of the black market right into a booming, authorized trade.
One of our favourite options of the Peak is you could pre-load concentrates such as you would with an insert. Fortunately, we now have the new Puffco Peak to bridge the gap between a modern dab rig’s effectivity and the accessibility of a transportable digital vaporizer. This “smart rig” addresses lots of the problems that include using a dab rig, nail and carb cap. Either way works nice, however we tended to enjoy the traditional technique.
The Puffco Peak is an digital good rig that vaporizes concentrates. With 4 preset temperatures above 450°F (232°C) and a dab-style oven, the Peak is for use with concentrates only. Their flagship product is the Puffco Peak, an progressive system that kicked off the pattern of moveable or handheld dab rigs. Hailed as the way forward lavatech detachable titanium carb cap dabber for dabbing, the small extract vaporizer packs quite a punch and was a really successful launch for the corporate. A sensible rig helps you to maximize your hashish experience — making certain that you just get the right hit at the ideal temperature each time.
The Peak’s hits are incredible, but the durability may be irritating. The Peak system unlocks the true power of concentrates, providing the clearest expression of the efficiency, taste, and results of the plant they’re derived from. This means you get probably the most environment friendly and gratifying expertise, faster and easier than ever before, with no studying curve.

Puffco Peak Full Specs

Both units have a slight studying curve to get it working properly however general are a lot simpler than a convention dab rig with a torch. With both unit, you can pre-load your materials or load it when the heating component has reached its best temperature. In 2012, Volodarsky had a life-altering encounter with a G Pen, one of the most well-liked first-era vape pens.
The Peak is an electronic dab rig that is approachable and intuitive to make use of. We’ve tested it out a couple of occasions and have met with the builders, and it’s time to let you know how we really feel. In 2018, Puffco liberated prime shelf dabs from vape stations in bedroom corners to living rooms and parties all over the place, with the release of the Peak. It was such a success that it inspired a whole new genre of moveable digital dab vaporizers, called “e-rigs.” We gave the Puffco Peak a full evaluation, now that the market is crowded, to see the way it stands up. Despite extra competition, the Peak still leads the pack in lots of categories.
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The Puffo Peak dab rig has the functionality of a smart bong however the portability of a vape pen. Honestly, the Puffco Peak is a breakthrough in electronic dabbing. Up till now traditional dab rigs still had water filtration over pen users, however the Peak permits for the same huge , filtered hits that you could get with a rig and the convenience of a sensible gadget. Wax and dry herb vapes could also be extraordinarily portable, however they fall short in relation to performance.
Part e-rig, half vape pen, the G Pen Roam is the primary transportable digital dab rig, complete with a bubbling water chamber. The Puffco Peak sensible dab rig works with pretty much each focus possible. Its design works with honeycomb wax, shatter, rosin, coldwater crumble, butane hash, moonrocks, budder, live resin and any other hashish concentrate customers can get their hands on. That’s typical for a conveyable vaporizer, and with 30 dabs per cost, there’s lots of fun to be had earlier than it’s time to plug it back in.
No one needs to move around an entire dab setup with a torch, dabber, carb cap and rig, that’s why most individuals sit round a desk with their piece. Also, if you’re new to dabbing, the need to use a blowtorch is usually a little intimidating. While the Peak is costlier than many small dab rigs its size, the Peak is totally torch free, digital, and has smart settings. The cost may seem intimidating, but that is the solely factor about this rig that is onerous to get previous.
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Puffco Peak Features

A mixture of upgraded airflow control, a simple to use dabber, and increased effectiveness pushed the Puffco Plus over the sting and made it one of the well obtained devices in Puffco’s lineup. Prior to the Peak, Puffco was centered totally on crafting elegant portable concentrate vapes that appealed to buyer’s who sought high quality and nice design. From the Puffco Pro 2 to the Puffco Plus, every vaporizer that Puffco crafted was constructed to supply a pen-type expertise that was nicely designed and exhausting-hitting.
If you’re trying to streamline your dabbing expertise with the most recent know-how I recommend you check out the Peak. Puffco has supplied an outlet for smokers to expertise one of the best of each the dabbing and vaping worlds by way of the Peak digital good rig. The sheer simplicity of this device empire glassworks hot dog steamroller‘s performance and the way well it replicates the dabbing experience off a rig at the ideal temperature to get the total flavor out of each hit. Puffco’s Peak provides an answer to smokers that wish to get that great hit out of an electronic device that’s portable.
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As Featured in Puffco Plus was similar to the remainder of Puffco’s lineup of devices, and it provided an upgraded atomizer that compounded on the developments put in place by the Pro 2 herbal vape. The inclusion of the “dart” tool within the atomizer utterly enhanced the overall dabbing expertise.
Most digital vaporizers give off harsh, flavorless hits compared with low-temperature dabs on a quartz nail. Because of this, concentrate connoisseurs would rather tote their glass round in Pelican instances to seshes and festivals than depend on electronic devices. His breakthrough invention, the Puffco Peak, is a portable electronic rig designed to make dabbing accessible to a complete new technology.

“A good way to talk what concentrates and extracts are is to consider them as the active components within the plant,” Tanzer stated. Like all types of weed villainization, the unfavorable connotations that surround dabbing are unfounded. Understanding extraction is inherently difficult due to its scientific nature, but the best way extracted merchandise are displayed is sophisticated too. Brands constantly tout staggeringly excessive THC percentages, whereas providing little to no useful data for novices to cannabis making an attempt to navigate this vast and complicated sea.
I love my new puffco peak, nice hits and as a visually impaired individual, it is nice to be able to smoke independantly. The Puffco Peak moveable dab rig solely takes two hours to achieve full cost, so customers gained’t have to attend around too long to use it if it runs out.
The Peak can also be very trendy and easy to journey, so when you’re at parties, on an journey or on the go, the Puffco Peak is a good device for whenever you just need that quick dab. Available within our outlet for worth of $339.ninety nine, the Puffco Peak is an digital, sensible e-rig that provides convenience and effectivity in a highly transportable design. Because the Puffco Peak has been so innovative, many glass artists and advocates with in the trade have taken the Peak design and created glassware of their very own that is compatible with the system. Many glass artist have transformed some of their very own rigs into Peak attachments, with distinctive designs and percolation’s. Ask your favorite Glass artist if they provide Puffco Peak attachments or accessories.
It’s the most environment friendly and enjoyable experience, sooner and simpler than ever earlier than, with no studying curve. It tastes great with thick, satisfying hits on all temperatures. If price isn’t a deterrent, grab a backup atomizer and safely take fantastic dabs with you wherever.

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With our guide to getting into concentrates, you’ll discover every little thing you have to know to get started. From methods of extraction and various kinds of extracts, to a rundown of one of the best dabbing devices and extracts in the marketplace. We’ll assist you to learn how to select one of the best concentrate or extract to suit you and the effects you are wanting.
  • It’s also fun in social settings as a result of it makes dabbing accessible and approachable to anyone who might be concerned about utilizing a butane torch.
  • The comfort and ease make it so simple for me to drop in a dab, heat it up, enjoy some flavorful terps, and get proper back to whatever was doing.
  • The Peak pushes the envelope of what a conveyable, digital rig may be.
  • If you’re looking to streamline your dabbing experience with the most recent technology I advocate you try the Peak.
  • In the 2 weeks I’ve had it, I’ve only hit my different glass rigs a few instances.

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On a trip to California in 2010, he encountered concentrates for the first time, describing his initial dab hit as “painful and intense,” however nonetheless compelling due to its unbelievable potency. ZC Glass has an attachment that lets you connect any of your bongs or dab rigs to the Puffco Peak battery and atomizer. They also have a plastic hinge attachment to hold your cap up without it dangling and sticking to something it touches. Finally, they make an adapter that permits you to use a quartz banger rather than an atomizer in case you’re out of additionally battery or atomizers.
After unboxing the Peak, you’ll find a small carrier field it comes within, in addition to the entire beginning equipment that you have to set up your device. The high is a cone shaped glass bubbler attachment, and the underside is the battery that incorporates the heating factor. With solely two pieces this device is perfect for traveling and for periods on the go, purely because you do not have to make use of a torch or a rig set up for when you wish to easily enjoy a puff.
Its base is essentially a compact, rechargeable electronic nail with 4 warmth settings, that includes a removable ceramic bowl for its dabbing surface. Dabbing expertise is one thing I’m genuinely excited about, so I pre-ordered the Peak at full retail worth ($379.99) the second it became obtainable to the general public a couple of weeks ago. With a battery reaching full charge in a mere two hours, it heats up in about 20 seconds and has 4 easy to function heat settings. The reward is a strong dabbing expertise that maximizes the efficiency and taste of your concentrates with precision solely a robot might grasp. The Puffco Peakis the reply to a lot of the major issues that people who smoke have with each dab rigs and vaporizers.

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Each step of the dabbing course of from start to end is dealt with gracefully by the desktop vaporizer. It will not be smarter than you, but it’s closer than you would assume. Compare this to the 3 minute process of heating and cooling instances with typical dab rigs. This gadget unlocks the true energy of concentrates, providing the clearest expression of the efficiency, taste, and effects of the plant they’re derived from. The vapor produced by the Puffco Plus is tasty at all temperature settings with minimal harshness.
The ceramic dish tastes great, and is sufficiently big to deliver large hits. But the heater has an older design that’s costly and fragile, and comes with a one-month warranty. My first one broke after two weeks, and my second one continues to be going strong multiple month later.
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Looking for the best dab rigs of 2020, the Peak is a contender. The Puffco Peak is a smart dab rig made by Puffco and has revolutionized the way in which folks wish to dab.
Volodarsky says the journey started with a genuine love for hashish and concentrates. The Puffco Peak good e-rig is easy to use and intuitive, similar to a vape pen — however there’s no need to worry about dropping it down the side of the sofa dankstop 10 raked zig zag bubble base bong. Its hand-blown design options 4 unique heat settings, quick warmth-up time and sufficient battery life for around 30 dabs. Get the most out of cannabis concentrates with this smart electronic vaporizer.

Cloud production is respectable, however clearly not the selling level of this product. This type of device will higher swimsuit people who are on the lookout for tasty hits quite than dense clouds, as is expected.
Throw discretion out the window, the restricted version Lightning Peak is lit. This system unlocks the true energy of concentrates, with type, providing the clearest expression of the efficiency, flavor, and effects of the plant they’re derived from.
Their newest item, the Puffco Peak, is a complicated device that permits you to enjoy the excellent dab every single time. The Peak goals to combine the most effective of both the vaping and glass merchandise to create a brand new expertise that can not be matched by any other manufacturer. The Puffco Peak was a revolutionary gadget that paved the best way for a new platform colloquially often known as portable dab rigs.
Gone are the times of ready too lengthy to drop your dab and having to reheat the banger once more. Unlike the torch-and-dab-rig setup, the Peak lets you hit your dab in about 20 seconds—without the stress of messing up the timing. That’s proper, you gained’t need to spend a minute listening to the sound of burning butane adopted by one other minute of watching a timer. And you won’t have to begin the entire process over once more if you accidentally wait too lengthy. Portable e-nails have addressed some of these issues, but they’ve led to their own issues, like blazing hot nails that may give off a burnt-oil taste.
It was about the first transportable dab rig that carried out very well, even with its premium price point. For some time, the Peak reigned king with nice taste, strong hits, and highly effective heating component. A New Jersey native, Volodarsky took an sick-fated detour into mortgage finance before dropping out of business faculty.
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His breakthrough invention, the PuffCo Peak, is a portable electronic rig designed to make dabbing accessible to an entire new generation. So when the package lastly arrived two weeks ago, I opened it up immediately to gave the rig a full check run. What I found was a novel and progressive piece of know-how that disrupts the current marketplace for portable concentrate vaporizers. It provides a streamlined and approachable platform for seasoned dabbers and novices alike, and makes dabbing so simple that my glass rigs are shortly starting to gather mud. But Puffco was not content to relaxation on its laurels, they usually remained steadfast in their desire to craft distinctive, high-finish units that allowed users to take pleasure in every little thing concentrates have to offer.

Like many other moveable vaporizers designed for use with oils, the Peak eliminates the necessity for a torch. However, the system units itself aside from most portable e-nails with its ability to ship pure, flavorful hits.
If you are a day by day dabber or if you are apart of the 710 community you could have heard concerning the Puffco Peak. This revolutionary gadget gives dabbers the option dankstop sunflower spoon pipe to have a fast and handy dab session right on the palm of your hands. Now obtainable within the Cannabox Outlet, the Puffco Peak is on the market for purchase at a worth of $339.99.

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Though, regardless of this, consuming concentrates and extracts tends to make newcomers a little wary. The Puffco Peak is an electronic good rig that provides comfort and effectivity in a highly transportable bundle.
The Peak pushes the envelope of what a portable, electronic rig can be. In the two weeks I’ve had it, I’ve only hit my other glass rigs a couple of instances. The comfort and ease make it so easy for me to drop in a dab, heat it up, enjoy some flavorful terps, and get right back to whatever was doing. It’s also enjoyable in social settings because it makes dabbing accessible and approachable to anyone who might be concerned about using a butane torch.
Below I’ve put collectively a pleasant evaluate of my experience with this dope device. Since Puffco hosted their Glass Open glassblowing competition, tons of glass artists have started to create custom attachments for the Puffco Peak. If dankstop slyme accented barber pole hand pipe hit up your favorite artist and you’re paypal prepared, chances are you will get a customized attachment. In truth, Beta Glass Labs turned their production line Petra dab rig design into a Puffco Peak attachment.
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You solely taste flavonoids boiling off of the oil and never get that burnt style widespread in e-nails. As with any high quality product, the Peak isn’t good, and there are a few specific areas during which it left slightly one thing to be desired. The bowl is simply out there in ceramic, and there’s solely a single type of percolating attachment. Puffco extols the worth of a ceramic dabbing surface, and while my bias stays with quartz, I’m starting to perceive why they use ceramic. It persistently offers a top quality of vapor and taste that I can’t ignore.
One of the most commonly accepted optimistic attributes of vapes is that you need to use them just about anyplace, something that conventional dab rigs are severely missing. Nobody needs to be bothered to hold around all the gear you need to utilize a rig.
Vapes make dapping moveable, however the place they fall quick is their effectiveness. Puffco, one of many premier leaders of vaporizer industry, saw a necessity in the trade to develop a product that would revolutionize the glass and vape industries in one fell swoop.
The Puffco Pro 2 received lots of consideration from the authorized hashish industry, and device confirmed potential for the future the company. The proprietary ceramic rod atomizer that was included in the package was a step forward in dabbing know-how.

The Peak units itself other than portable e-nails with its capability to ship pure, flavorful hits. At the proper temperature, you’ll never get that burnt taste common in e-nails.
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