After almost a two-year study by the University of Alabama at Birmingham the results show major improvements in two-thirds of the patients who were given CBD for their seizures due to epilepsy.

During the American Epilepsy Society’s 70th Annual Meeting, researchers discussed content from 11 different abstracts or research findings of specified studies. This meeting is one of the largest professional meeting based around epilepsy.

When the study first launched, UAB was looking to enroll 50 pediatric patients and 50 adults. The end study consisted of a total of 81 participants; 42 were children and 39 were adults who have experienced four seizures or more a month.

After receiving treatments for a month, 68 percent of the participants saw more than a 25 percent decrease in seizure frequency while 58 percent of the participants saw more than 50 percent reduction. Nine percent of patients showed seizure-free symptoms after the six-month study.

Other Study Findings on Epilepsy

  • CBD oil will help with the improvement of mood
  • It is important to monitor anti-epilepsy drug use and CBD treatment
  • Participants showed gains in working memory
  • Doctors found the optimum use for children and adults is between 20 and 25 milligrams of CBD per day.
  • CBD helps create positive cognitive effects

All patients didn’t have positive effects from the CBD treatments. Reports show that the epilepsy of some did not change and even for a few participants the symptoms began to worsen. There are still questions that need solutions for the effects and treatment of CBD for epilepsy. Due to The Chandler family, research in Alabama has began to move forward with this study and Carly’s law.

Finally, little girl by the name of Carly Chandler went about her day-to-day life having to manage her intractable seizures. After the parents of the four-year-old heard about other success stories in the country about cannabis treatment, they went straight to the Alabama Legislature to gain support for the use of experimental medication, like CBD and THC, to treat epilepsy.