CBD had many benefits. It helps people who suffer from anxiety to insomnia and everything in between. CBD has quickly made a name for itself; being able to relieve a variety of symptoms for people who take it. If you suffer from allergies this season, CBD might give you the relief you are looking for. It has been studied that the anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory aspects of CBD can help people who suffer from allergies.


The endocannabinoid system contains cell receptors throughout the body that responds to different agonist. This means that your receptors will tell your body when to start and stop certain functions that keep you healthy. The endocannabinoid system works with CBD to keep a healthy homeostatic balance. Take CBD oil for allergies to help open up sinus passageways, clear congestion and mucus, and relieve sinus pressure.

There are many cannabinoid receptors within your body that offer a variety of functions.

  • Mood
  • Appetite
  • Immune
  • Pain
  • Memory

CBD and Dog Allergies

CBD helps our furry friends too. Many pet owners turn to CBD when they get the news that their pet severely suffers from pain. Medicine you get from the vet offer side effects that will hinder other parts of the body. Without toxic effects, CBD binds to receptors to provide a therapeutic response.

In a study by the American Journal of Veterinary Research, results show that CBD works with the endocannabinoid system to prevent allergy disorders in dogs. Five healthy dogs and five dogs with skin conditions like eczema were given CBD. The results proved that CBD has the potential to reduce allergies within our pets. Stronger immunoreactivity was shown in all aspects of the dogs with inflamed and irritated skin rather than just certain cells which was displayed in the healthy dogs.


To potentially reduce or eliminate your allergies this fall take CBD oil in either a capsule or tincture daily.
If your skin is irritated with hives apply CBD topically. This can help to reduce the inflammation.



Throughout the cannabis plant are many compounds; cannabinoids. THC and CBD are the most widely knowledgeable cannabinoids today. Together, these compounds work to provide the body with relief. This process is the entourage effect. In general, the idea of the entourage effect is that all cannabinoids within the cannabis plant work together to affect the body. Similar to the body’s own endocannabinoid system.

It is the relationship between two compounds within in the cannabis plant that work simultaneously to channel the CB1 and CB2 neuroreceptors for maximum relief, states Israeli researcher Raphael Mechoulam.
The entourage effect doesn’t apply to just cannabinoids but other chemical components inside the cannabis plant as well.

Terpenes, ketones, esters, lactones, alcohols, fatty acids and steroids all interact with the cannabinoids to produce unique results. These compounds work together to produce a different result than when used alone. If you change the chemical compound of a cannabis plant then the effects will differ. The entourage effects explains how the effects change from strain to strain.

Finally, there are over 100 known terpenes in the cannabis plant that will provide specific relief. Terpenes are what you smell and the flavor. They originate in the same glands as THC, CBD and other cannabinoids but terpenes are not only found in cannabis. Terpenes can also be found in common plants like mangos, lavender, fruit rinds and cotton. When inhaled or ingested, terpenes work with cannabinoids and interact with the endocannabinoid system to provide therapeutic effects.

Most Common Cannabis Terpenes


  • Benefits: Anti-oxidant, sedative, sleep aid, muscle relaxer
  • Aroma: Earthy, musk


  • Benefits: Anti-anxiety, antidepressant, stress relief, treat acid reflux
  • Aroma: Citrus


  • Benefits: Anti-inflammatory, gastroprotective, good for arthritis, protects cell lining
  • Aroma: Pepper, spicy


  • Benefits: Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial
  • Aroma: Pine


  • Benefits: calming, antibacterial, antiviral, immune system, sedative
  • Aroma: Lilac


  • Benefits: calming, sedative, anti-anxiety, antidepressant, anti-acne
  • Aroma: Lavender, floral, citrus


Tired, sore and need little extra energy to get through your exhausting workout? Although various supplements help get through a workout they contain some ingredients that might be questionable. CBD, an all natural and pure hemp product, that has shown great health benefits for those who workout and have an active lifestyle. There are multiple methods CBD interacts with the CB2 receptor to increase recovery after a workout. Take CBD once or twice daily for optimal use.

Natural appetite control

CBD helps to regulate the endocannabinoid system to control hunger. Because there are already endocannabinoids naturally produced in the body, CBD helps to balance and normalize the cannabinoids in the system when there is a deficiency. This affects your appetite when the endocannabinoid system sends signals to your brain saying you’re hungry. Endocannabinoids slow down the process of emptying food. After eating, signals are sent to your small intestine to the brain saying that you don’t need any more to eat.

Pain and Inflammation

Reduce pain and inflammation with various applications methods of CBD, find the proper daily regimen that works best for your activities. It is not always necessary to intake CBD. You can rub Infinite CBD oil topically from the dropper directly on a painful or inflamed area for results. This is a great way to treat localized pain , swelling or inflammation.

This is perfect for any athlete, former athlete or fitness lover who has undergone an injury of any sort. Although you probably got your injury repaired, pain and inflammation can still cause you issues when you workout regularly.

Increase antioxidants

Antioxidants are in important to our health. They are what help prevent fight against cell damage caused from oxidants. Our bodies create them to defend off virus’ and other common things like air pollution, cigarette smoke or alcohol. Regular intake of CBD has the potential for therapeutic effects from antioxidant properties.

Decreased nausea

One common effect of CBD on the human is the decrease in nausea. CBD from pure hemp contains anti-emetic properties that fight against vomiting and nausea. If an athlete takes a regular dose of CBD it can treat them for nausea during and before the workout.

Athletes who take CBD say that the quality of their workout changes and recovery time is faster that usual. CBD is easy and convenient to take and won’t make you sick if you consume on an empty stomach. Whether you take it in a capsule, from the dropper or use it as a topical, if you are an athlete or looking for results in your daily workout try pure hemp CBD to see if it will give you the results and increased stamina you are looking for.



We all know that you can smoke or ingest CBD to get the effect from the cannabis plant. But you can also apply topically to a specific area to still get relief. If you do not want to use a lotion, salve or other type of topical that contains THC, a pure hemp-derived CBD product will reduce pain and inflammation.

How it works

Once applied to a targeted area, a CBD topical penetrates and affects the CB2 receptors. Topical applications absorbs into the skin slowly supplying medicine over a period of time. This means you can get all the healing effects of CBD during a longer timeframe. The CB2 receptors are throughout the body and will activate either naturally by the endocannabinoid system or from phytocannabinoids like CBD and THC. The active cannabinoids are absorbed into your skin to signal the receptors to provide relief.


Topical CBD products have been known to give relief for people who have arthritis, rashes, inflammation, headaches, eczema, chapped lips, dry skin, sore muscles, burns, bug bites, sunburn, acne and much more.
Apply CBD oil or topical directly to irritated area.
For bug bites, rashes, burns or skin conditions gently rub-in the infused topical. A CBD oil topical will never penetrate the bloodstream but signals the CB2 receptors for relief.
For more intense pain, like sore muscles, arthritis or inflammation, massage the infused product into the targeted area to reduce pain and inflammation.


No high

Like all of our CBD products, topical products will not get you high. Even with THC topicals, people say that only extreme levels of THC will give you a “high” feeling but not as intense. Topical products never breakthrough into the bloodstream.

Target application

Instead of medicating your entire self, you can apply a CBD topical to a direct area where it will have maximum impact. You can apply when you want and how much. Based on the pain of the area and the amount of treatment it needs.



All mammals have an endocannabinoid system, which is what cannabinoids interact with. CBD is a cannabinoid. Some experts say that CBD oil is better for your pet than THC rich oil would be. THC oil can be tricky because the owner would typically have to mess with the dosage which can be harmful to the pet. Since CBD has non-psychoactive properties, pet CBD is ideal to help take their pain away.

The endocannabinoid system is involved with the psychological processes of one’s appetite, pain sensation, memory, inflammation, mood, and nausea. CBD works with your pet’s endocannabinoid system the way it does with you. Once CBD is in your body it works with your receptors to balance out your body systems. Adjusting any imbalances that cause negative health effects.

Dogs suffer from epileptic seizures too. This can affect their appetite, mood, dizziness, and long-term internal damage. Medication prescribed from your veterinarian can also have negative side effects on your pet like liver damage.

Many veterinarians these days are still very skeptical about the effects that CBD can have on animals. They continue to prescribe chemical medicine that ultimately can have a worse effect on the health of your pet. Hemp derived CBD products are a natural product that has the potential to provide relief for your suffering pet.

There has not been much research on the effects of CBD with pets because people continue to associate being “high” with consuming cannabis products. Pet owners and veterinarians do not want to put their animals at risk. The truth is hemp derived CBD contains minimal traces of THC and will not provide the animal with psychoactive effects.

There are a variety of pet CBD products on the market. From dog and cats to horses give your animal CBD. It can help your furry friend, slithering snake or bird with pain, inflammation, seizures and more. Some companies make pet CBD products designed special for animals or you can buy CBD drops and apply it to their food or treats.



The number of people who suffer from dementia is rapidly increasing. About 45.7 million people have some type of dementia, worldwide. Some medicine is available to treat dementia but awful side effects of nausea and dizziness can occur. The best way one can take care of a loved one with dementia is with constant and extensive care. Since CBD is non-psychoactive and works with receptors within the brain, studies show results that CBD can help with dementia symptoms.

In the first study, mice demonstrate impairment in visual and social recognition from a variety of tests done. Over a course of three weeks the mice were given with CBD. The results show that the chronic CBD treatment reversed the cognitive deficits without displaying any behavior related to anxiety. CBD might be a therapeutic remedy for cognitive deficiencies.

Alzheimer’s Disease

To begin with, Alzheimer’s is a progressive brain disorder where brain cells degenerate and die. The disease is part of the extracellular neuritic plaque of β-amyloid (Aβ), a sticky, chemical protein that builds-up between the nerve cells. Clumps of Aβ can block cell-to-cell signals which results in memory loss and confusion. CBD is shown to protect against Aβ neurotoxicity.

CBD can work as a CB1 receptor agonist to interrupt excitotoxicity, which reduces the glutamine release in the body. Lack of glutamine is not good to our body systems and has a direct effect on your memory. Because glutamine is most commonly found in the neurotransmitter, the sensory neurons send signals from the central nervous system to effectors, including muscles and glands.

The CB2 receptors are mainly in immune cells that work to reduce inflammation. CBD also works as a CB2 receptor agonist to reduce neuroinflammation which leads to plaque removal. Plaques are clusters of Aβ that trigger inflammation and destruct cells activated through your immune system cells.

Huntington’s Disease

In addition, Huntington’s disease creates movement, cognitive and psychiatric disorders based on progressive breakdown of nerve cells in the brain. This is a hereditary disease and currently has no known cure. Movement disorders include involuntary jerking, muscle problems, slow movements, impaired posture, and difficulty with speech. Due to, a cognitive disorder symptoms can be difficulty learning, slow with thoughts and words, and lack of awareness.

The caudate nucleus, putamen and globus pallidus are where cannabinoids in the CB1 receptor will bind to. The caudate nucleus has a major impact on one’s memory or learning; the intake of information. In the front of the brain at the basal nuclei region, the caudate nucleus enteracts with various brain diseases which affect essential functions such as movement and learning. Strong with the caudate nucleus, putamen involves in a feedback loop to that prepares the movement of limbs. Jerky, involuntary movements are symptoms Huntington’s disease has on a person. Globus pallidus involves the regulation of voluntary movement which can also have effects on movement on the subconscious level. Cannabinoids bind to CB2 receptors to exert their efforts in regards to the microglia or the brain cells that clear all cellular debris.

Parkinson’s Disease

Finally, lack of dopamine in the body leads to Parkinson’s disease. Nerve cells in the brain have direct affect from Parkinson’s disease resulting in muscle tremors, sleep problems, rigidity and differences in speech and gait. There is no cure for people who have Parkinson’s disease although treatments are available. So, for those who are looking to find relief of Parkinson’s disease, CBD and other cannabinoids might be able to help.

Cannabinoids do not seems to have an impact on the CB2 receptor; instead cannabinoids react to decrease the substantia nigra and increase dopaminergic projecting areas within the CB1 receptor. Dopamine congregates around the same area known as the substantia nigra to relay messages from the substantia nigra to other parts of the brain that control one’s movements. The cause is a decrease in substantia nigra would affect the communication to and from the brain. Projecting areas are different places of the brain there neurons travel to release dopamine.

It doesn’t matter what type of dementia one suffers from; whether a friend, family member or care-receiver might have, the body’s endocannabinoid system might be able to provide the relief one is looking for without the harsh side effects. There is a lot to still be studied on the effects CBD has on people with dementia but based on preclinical and clinical trials, to date, there could be hope that CBD can help people with dementia.



Pure hemp CBD is a great alternative for those looking to relieve pain or illness. Research shows that there are many healing effects that come with CBD when it reacts with your endocannabinoid system. Despite what people say, pure hemp CBD does not give you psychoactive effects like THC would. But, CBD does provide additional benefits that can help many.

Pure Hemp CBD Facts

Cannabinoid in the cannabis plant

Of the many cannabinoids in a cannabis plant, cannabidiol or CBD is one of the most dominant. It is not only in the marijuana plant but CBD can also be in industrial hemp. Medical marijuana strains that have low THC but high CBD are taken by people who suffer from various health effects.


Different than THC, CBD does not provide the body or mind with psychoactive effects. This means CBD will not make you feel “high”. Unlike THC which binds to your CB1 receptor, which is responsible for mind-altering effects, CBD does not act directly with the CB1 receptor.

Potential Medical benefits

There are many research studies that focus on the effects of CBD. Although most studies use animals as their test subjects and few have used human patients. CBD works with your endocannabinoid system to release signals to various parts of your body that fix imbalances within the your body. Studies have shown CBD to have the following properties:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-nausea
  • Anti-tumoral
  • Antidepressant

Reduce negative drug effect

CBD reduces the negative effects that THC or other drugs might provide someone. It works to reduce the impairment effects THC provides such as; memory loss, anxiety and paranoia.

Application methods


Typically comes in a soft-gel or gelatin capsule and have a variety of doses.


The dropper is ideal to put in food or to give in smaller dose to a child or pet. A dropper will provide the consumer with more specific medication.


Topicals are best for muscle pain or arthritis. They are sold in salves, lotions, lip balm, and gels. Also apply our dropper as a topical.

Vape Cartridge

Vape cartridges for CBD are exactly like cartridges for THC. They attach to a battery that will heat what is in the filled chamber. CBD vape juice is also available on the market to fill your own.

Pet treats

Dog food and pet treats are made specifically for pets to give them the healing effects of CBD but without too high of doses.

Effect on what parts of the body

  • Serotonin receptor: sleep, appetite and depression
  • Vanilloid receptor: pain, inflammation and body temperature
  • Adenosine receptor: cardiovascular and neurotransmitters
  • GPR55 receptor: bone density, blood pressure, cancer cell inhibitor
  • Antioxidant: neuroprotection, defense system


Currently over 25 million people suffer from asthma in the United States. This is a disease that has no cure but can take over the life of an individual resulting in serious health issues. Asthma shouldn’t be something that prevents you from living your life or having to spend excessive amounts of money on medications. In a study on CBD and its effects on someone with this disease, reduction levels of cytokine were displayed. This means CBD could possibly reduce the effects of the lungs as an asthma treatment.

What is asthma?

There’s a good possibility that if you are short of breath, have troubles breathing or hear wheezing and whistling when breathing that you have asthma. It is a chronic disease that causes your airways to always be inflamed which results in restricted airflow. This swelling and inflammation will make the airways sensitive and more prone to an allergic reaction.

This is something that differs from person to person. For some it might only be a minor issue in their health, for others it can take a toll on their daily lives. This is a disease that cannot be cured but, there are steps one can take to reduce the overall symptoms. When someone is exposed to a trigger, their body will react to cause swelling, inflammation, troubled breathing and more. People can also have exercise induced asthma that is triggered with physical activity.


Over 25 million people are affected by asthma in the United States. Not everyone will experience the same symptoms nor will people have the same triggers. Below are common symptoms in people with asthma.

  • Coughing
  • Wheezing
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Tightness of chest

Allergies play a huge role in what trigger panic attacks. You do not have to have one to have the other but people who have allergies and asthma show to have relation between the two. Some triggers include;

  • Polluted air
  • Pollen, dust mites and molds
  • Medicine
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Exercise
  • Stress

Asthma Treatment

There is no cure for asthma, only preventative measures that help from an attack. Usually these medicines will be administered in two fashions; quick-relief and long-term control. These medicines are bronchodilators which mean they open and expand the air passageway into the lungs for better airflow in and out of the lungs. Although there is no asthma treatment, the best way to control your asthma is to learn what your triggers are so you can try and avoid them or learn how to control your asthma around those triggers.

CBD and Asthma

Although not much research on CBD and asthma has been conducted, in one study using rats CBD showed promise as a way for to hemp improve asthma. Early research shows that CBD works as an anti-inflammatory to minimize inflammation in people with asthma.

In this study, researchers took a group of rats injected with ovalbumin and another injected with ovalbumin and CBD. Blood samples were obtained 24 hours later to test the level of cytokines, small proteins that have special effects on the behavior of cells.

Results concluded that the rats who were treated with CBD experienced reduction in two types of cytokines; Tp and Th2, which play a huge role in administering inflammation due to asthma. In addition, the study also suggested that CBD may influence a reduction in the major stimuli or mucus hyper-secretion, another key element to those with asthma.

This study was done on rats therefore additional examinations and research could not be provided. But with the information the study provided, CBD shows promise to those who suffer from asthma by reducing the symptoms and inflammation for a healthier life.



After almost a two-year study by the University of Alabama at Birmingham the results show major improvements in two-thirds of the patients who were given CBD for their seizures due to epilepsy.

During the American Epilepsy Society’s 70th Annual Meeting, researchers discussed content from 11 different abstracts or research findings of specified studies. This meeting is one of the largest professional meeting based around epilepsy.

When the study first launched, UAB was looking to enroll 50 pediatric patients and 50 adults. The end study consisted of a total of 81 participants; 42 were children and 39 were adults who have experienced four seizures or more a month.

After receiving treatments for a month, 68 percent of the participants saw more than a 25 percent decrease in seizure frequency while 58 percent of the participants saw more than 50 percent reduction. Nine percent of patients showed seizure-free symptoms after the six-month study.

Other Study Findings on Epilepsy

  • CBD oil will help with the improvement of mood
  • It is important to monitor anti-epilepsy drug use and CBD treatment
  • Participants showed gains in working memory
  • Doctors found the optimum use for children and adults is between 20 and 25 milligrams of CBD per day.
  • CBD helps create positive cognitive effects

All patients didn’t have positive effects from the CBD treatments. Reports show that the epilepsy of some did not change and even for a few participants the symptoms began to worsen. There are still questions that need solutions for the effects and treatment of CBD for epilepsy. Due to The Chandler family, research in Alabama has began to move forward with this study and Carly’s law.

Finally, little girl by the name of Carly Chandler went about her day-to-day life having to manage her intractable seizures. After the parents of the four-year-old heard about other success stories in the country about cannabis treatment, they went straight to the Alabama Legislature to gain support for the use of experimental medication, like CBD and THC, to treat epilepsy.

Why Cook with CBD Oil

Why Cook with CBD Oil?

Want a new way to take CBD and a way to make your food healthier? Try cooking with CBD Oil. While CBD Oil makes cannabidiol treatment quick and easy, you can make it even more fun by infusing all kinds of recipes with CBD. You don’t have to be a world-class chef or even have any cooking knowledge. You can add a dose of CBD to all kinds of foods in just a few drops.

There are a couple of methods to cook with CBD Oil. However, anyone can do it and it can add some massive health perks to your food. You get the benefits of stress relief, pain relief, muscle recovery, better sleep, prevention of diseases, and a whole lot more with one simple ingredient. Here’s a guide on how to cook with CBD Oil.

Why Cook with CBD Oil?

CBD can quickly make any meal or snack into a superfood. It boasts anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant, anticonvulsant, and even anticancer properties. It can also prevent the risk of many serious health problems and improve your mental and physical wellbeing in general.

All you need to start cooking with CBD Oil is a bottle of CBD Oil or Tincture. You can buy CBD Oil online and use it in all kinds of ways. While many people use CBD Oils by dropping it directly under their tongue, adding it to your cooking can make for a more fun way to take it.

CBD Oil is absorbed into all kinds of fats and oils. It can also be infused into liquids. This gives you plenty of opportunities to cook with CBD Oil. You can add it to your meals or even use CBD recipes to make some fantastic healthy creations.

How To Cook with CBD Oil

How To Cook with CBD Oil

Cooking with CBD Oil is easy for anyone to do. In fact, there are multiple ways to use it in your cooking.

You can infuse CBD Oil into fat and oil-based ingredients. This includes butter, olive oil, coconut oil, and lard. You can add it to the oil when you cook your meal or even bake recipes by adding CBD to the mixture. Just mix the CBD with the fat or oil to give your food an extra health kick.

Another option is to simply drizzle your CBD Oil on top of your food. Since you can take it orally, it will digest into your system where it will take effect on your body. However, this method may affect the taste of your food and is also less effective than infusing it into oils or fats.

Ideas for Cooking with CBD Oil

Since you can use oils and butter in all kinds of food, there are many ways to add CBD to your cooking. For instance, mix it with olive oil in a pan and you can use it in stir fries and other meals and snacks.

You can also bake with CBD. All you need to do is follow a regular recipe for cookies, muffins, cakes or any other kind of treat and add CBD to the recipe. You can infuse CBD into butter, which makes it easy to add to all kinds of baked goods.

It’s also possible to create your own CBD butter. For instance, you can mix CBD Oil in with peanut butter for a quick and easy CBD ingredient. You can use it in recipes or even just put it on toast for a quick dose of CBD.

Can You Make CBD Drinks?

Just like you can infuse foods with CBD, you can also create all kinds of CBD drinks. Whether you prefer smoothies, juices or even alcoholic drinks, you can add a dose of CBD to the mix for extra health benefits.

CBD Oil is alcohol-based, which makes it easy to mix it in with liquids for digestion. You might want to add some CBD to your morning coffee or add it into a blender with fruits and milk for a delicious CBD smoothie.

If you want some inspiration on how to add CBD to your drinks, check out some of the best CBD drink recipes. Whether you need a hot drink to perk you up in the morning or a post-workout drink to give your body some cannabidiol benefits, there are many great CBD health drinks to choose from.

Can You Cook With CBD Isolate?

While cooking with CBD Oil is a good option to make your own CBD edibles, you can also use CBD Isolate. CBD Isolate is a concentrated form of CBD in powder form. It contains high levels of potent CBD, making it perfect to use in all kinds of edible creations.

Like with CBD Oil, you can add CBD Isolate to oils, fats, and drinks for an easy way to consume CBD. It may even work better than CBD Oil as CBD Isolate powder won’t alter the taste or consistency of your food or drinks.

You can buy CBD Isolate online and add as much as you want to foods or beverages. We offer 1G CBD Isolate Powder which contains a whopping 990mg of CBD in each pack.

How Do CBD Foods Work on Your Body?

When you infuse your cooking with CBD, the food will work in much the same way as CBD Edibles. When you digest CBD foods, the CBD will be absorbed into your body and interact with cannabinoid receptors, which will give you many beneficial effects.

The downside of CBD edibles and beverages is that they can take longer to have an effect. It may take you an hour or two to digest the CBD into your body. As such, some prefer to take CBD Tincture sublingually or use other methods for fast-acting CBD effects.


If you want to start cooking with CBD Oil, it’s easy enough for anyone to try. Simply buy some CBD Tincture or Isolate and you can add it to all kinds of meals and recipes. If you don’t want CBD in your food, you can also create all kinds of fun CBD health drinks to get a quick daily dose of CBD. CBD is safe to use in all quantities, so use as much as you need in your cooking.